Creating a World – Minecraft is more than a tool

Do you remember the time you used to play with legos? Minecraft is similar to that. It uses the same principle: building by placing blocks on blocks and ignoring gravity. But Minecraft is just more. You can create a World, by shaping the world you are living in. We did this on our server and here we want to show you our results. Have a look.

On our Minecraft server we are working as a team of five players, who create individual buildings. Some of us rebuild ancient buildings, some of us create buildings which only exist in their minds. So we rebuild the Parthenon two times. A large and a small one. We also build a branch office and a ship (as you may know it from the Anno games). Nonetheless we created a Colosseum, sky Island, a house, a church, a sand tower, a garden, an academy and two pyramids, one build of stone and one build of sand. At the moment we are working on our interpretation of the great wall. It will be a huge building with many towers.

Here you see two videos about our world.

You may not realize the size of our building you see, but they are huge. Nonetheless you can take a video tour through our world. This way you can see from the first person perspective how big our buildings are. I can tell you that the great Parthenon is 24 Blocks high and has a 600 square-blocks floor. We used about 12,000 Blocks. Imagine what you could have built with that.

Shaping the world
Since this picture was made seven days passed and we build something new everyday, by using the material the world is giving us. On the first day we searched the underground for resources like coal, iron, gold and diamonds. We created all our tools out of diamonds, so they last a long time. We changed the melting material from coal to lava, so that we could save the coal for torches. Everywhere we went we build torches and crafting boxes.

As we started building we erode the nature and started our constructions. Soon we realized that we need more material than our character can carry. So we started working in teams. One of us build the structure with the material one other brought him. This way we invented a good exchange of knowledge by sharing ideas and material.

If you want to create a world like ours, you can play minecraft on Good luck by planning and building your construction.


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